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Australia's Clean Energy Technology Capability

Australia's Clean Energy Technology Capability

Clean energy technologies will play a critical role in moving to a low emissions future while meeting increasing energy demand. Australia is making a world leading contribution to the development of low emissions coal technologies and renewable energy. 

Australia is committed to developing low emissions coal technologies involving Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), which have the potential to achieve large cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from expanding fossil fuel use. 

In September 2008, the Prime Minister announced that Australia would take a leadership role in developing a Global CCS Initiative and committed $100 million per annum to establish a Global CCS Institute 

-     these efforts are designed to facilitate and support the concerted international effort that is needed to accelerate the development of CCS 
-     plans are in train to launch the Global CCS Institute in January 2009, with international headquarters in Australia.

The Australian Government has established and provided $500 million to the National Low Emissions Coal Initiative (NLECI)

-    the NLECI includes: medium scale demonstration projects; a national low emissions coal research program; and a national plan to develop carbon dioxide storage sites and associated pipeline infrastructure.


To accelerate the uptake of the broad range of renewable energy technologies, the Australian Government has also allocated $435 million to a Renewable Energy Demonstration Program (REDP), which will support large scale renewable energy demonstration and deployment projects in Australia. 

Australia is developing the capability to harness geothermal energy from hot, fractured rocks, up to five kilometres underground

-     the energy potential of hot rocks in Australia is enormous, dwarfing Australia's current energy consumption 
-      the technology to harness geothermal energy from hot rocks is not yet proven, but the Government is providing $50 million for the drilling of geothermal wells for proof-of-concept development.


Australia has a world class solar energy resource

-     the Government is providing $100 million for research and development on concentrating solar thermal and solar photovoltaic technologies, to be delivered through an Australian Solar Institute.